Wednesday 7 February 2018

Facts and Advantages of Matrimonial Services in India

There is a very famous saying that ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, but today this heaven has taken the shape of Matrimonial websites.

Matrimonial services in India are gradually becoming more and more popular and are replacing the traditional way of fixing marriages through matchmakers and astrologers. In fact they are changing the very concept of arranged marriages in India.

With the advent of technology and easy access to internet, free wifi services are easily available not only in urban areas but also in rural areas as more and more people are relying on Matrimonial websites for marriages in India and all over the world. They can pick, choose and decide. They can easily filter their searches through caste, community, age, city, country and profession. Hence finding a suitable match becomes easier and faster. They can short list, accept or decline the matches, all this by sitting in the comforts of their home and leisurely doing this activity at their own pace with the convenience of time.

Today is globally recognised as one of the most effective and trusted website because it provides Matrimonial services not only to Indians in India but also all over the world. People of all faiths and religion are welcome on The mission of is simple: to provide the best match-making service to all those who register on the website. Weddingrishta uses the latest tools and technology, where simplicity of use makes searching a life partner not only easy but also a beautiful and satisfying experience for everyone involved.

Since the match-making process can be very overwhelming, WeddingRishta Team is always there to help anyone in finding their matches. Through emails and whatsapp messages it can be reached from anywhere in the world. Personal attention and guidance is given to all those who seek help.

The prospective brides and grooms on are real, genuine and authentic. In the last three months of its launching seventeen of them have already found their matches on the website.

Matrimonial websites have a definite advantage over the Traditional Newspaper Matrimonial Services. Matrimonial Columns in Newspapers are not only more expensive but also puts you at the mercy of others. You keep waiting endlessly whether someone would respond or not....approve of your biodata or not... Besides it is very difficult to judge a profile in two or three lines with no photographs and limited information.

Matrimonial website – on the other hand has a huge database and exposes you to a wide variety of prospective brides and you are the Lord and Master, accepting or rejecting a match as per your choice is just a click away. There are no limitations. Through Advanced Search criteria you can easily filter down exactly to your preference.

Matrimonial services of focus only on finding a suitable match for all those who register on the website. There is no chatting or any other kind of distraction. Marriage is a very serious affair and hence the concentration is only on finding a suitable and good match.

Personal data uploaded on Matrimonial websites is a major concern for families. There were times when people were extremely hesitant to send or share pictures of their daughters / near and dear ones, but now things are changing. The privacy and security of your personal information is the prime and major concern of It is SSL certified and also fully secure. To safeguard misuse of data the contact details are not visible. The phone numbers are verified and alert messages are sent to all those who register.

Matrimonial websites have made the very tedious process of finding a life partner simple and hassle free but very often due to the wide variety of unlimited choice people are unable to make up their minds and continue to search endlessly. This happens because so much data is available to them and uploading of more and more data is not only a regular but also a continuous process. It is primarily due to this that the marriageable age is constantly being raised.

Matrimonial websites have become not only a necessity but also a blessing not only for the Never Married but also for Divorcees, Widowers and even the physically challenged. Senior citizens who are single are also coming forward to find a good and suitable match for themselves.

Anyone from Parents to siblings and even friends can easily access Matrimonial websites and help in the process of partner search for their near and dear ones from the comfort of their homes is a Matrimonial website where happiness begins and lasts forever. It strives to bring a smile on the face of every single person who registers.

Today has become the pillar of everyone’s trust and hope. is one of the best matrimonial site in India.

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