Saturday 13 January 2018

Marriages in India

In Indian culture marriage symbolizes the happiness and pleasure of not only two individuals but also of two families who accept the boy or the girl as part of their family. plays a dynamic role in bringing this happiness in every family.

Arranged marriages are traditional in Indian society. Statistics reveal that even today about 75% of boys and girls between 20 - 35 years prefer arranged marriages. Earlier marriages
 were arranged by relatives, local match makers or priests. Gradually with the passage of time  the criteria of match fixing have also changed. Various factors like education, family status, compatibility, etc. are now considered before fixing a marriage. With the advent of Internet more and more people have started relying on matrimonial websites and portals.

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The Magic of Mehendi is the stepping stone to the magical ritual of Mehendi. Mehendi is universally known as 'Henna'. In Indian weddings mehendi is applied on the hands and feet of the bride and in some places even to the groom. It is one of the oldest pre-wedding tradition.
Now a days, the mehendi ceremony, also known as Mehendi ki Raat' is one of the major celebrations before the wedding. Family and friends eagerly look forward to this funfilled and musical celebration. The color of mehendi has a special significance. It is believed that the colour of Mehendi retained on the palms of the bride indicates the amount of love and consideration she gets from her inlaws.
The cooling property of mehendi calms the bride and helps her to remain stress free.
Mehendi is symbolic of good omen. The beautiful mehendi ceremony is the dream of every boy and girl planning to get married. aims to fulfill the dreams of all those who are searching for their life partner.

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